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How To Spot A Fake

How To Spot A Fake

As with most things, when a good idea is born there is always someone that will copy that idea. Selk'bag has some cheaply created copies that are in the marketplace in Australia. These bags are usually only available in one or two colors and are based on earlier versions of Selk'bag. The latest versions of Selk'bag have been very much improved on earlier generations.

Key Tell Tale Signs

  • Only Available in one color or different colors to what we have on this site
  • Pricing usually much cheaper, less quality = less price
  • Maybe copying our images
  • Features not consistent with the specifications on this site, ie. zips on the sleeves (the latest versions do not have this)
  • No swingtag with Selk'bag care information on it.
  • A different name from Selk'bag but a very similar looking Bag.

If you do see something that looks suspicous please feel free to contact us here and we will be able to verify its authenticity. Chances are if you bought it from a retailer that is not listed on this site, its probably a fake.