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Buy Selk'bag Patagon

Buy Selk'bag Patagon

The Selk'bag Patagon

The most technical model ever created by Selk’bag®, the Patagon enables the wearer to have even greater freedom and mobility, thanks to the detachable bootie system. In addition, wearers will enjoy improved temperature ratings, thanks to a more technical construction, an improved shell material, and a new insulation technology, Krekran®. Part of the 4th generation family of the Selk'bag Sleepwear System, the Patagon is an excellent choice for a myriad of outdoor activities in multiple seasons.

Arguably the most versatile sleepwear system in the world thanks its innovative design, Selk’bag® Patagon offers several upgrades over other Selk’bag models, including:
Removable booties that zip off and allow the wearer to use their own footwear. Booties zip together and may be used as a pillow
A more anatomical two-dimensional fit that greatly reduces dead air space and improves thermal performance as well as fit
An upgraded insulation material, Krekran®, that achieves greater thermal efficiency
Improved shell materials that are stronger, lighter and more thermally efficient
A redesigned quick-release hand closure system that uses magnets for even faster hand exit and entry
New Velcro straps that serve to ‘roll-up’ the Patagon’s sleeves, allowing the wearer to work with their hands, be it cooking, preparing a fire, playing a guitar or other activities