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Video Gallery

Video Gallery

Here is a collection of video's.  More will be added as time goes on.  Got a video that you would like to share with us?  contact us here with the URL and we will put it up for all other Selk'bag fans!

Selk'bag Atacama Desert, Chile - Lifestyle Video

10 Reasons for using a Selk'bag (our personal favourite) (Selk'bag is called Musuc'bag in Europe)

A review on the Selk'bag by Camping Gear Tv (note its the previous version but its worth a look)

A review on the Selk'bag Lite By The Gear Caster

Nicky Bomba Sings "One Fine Day" In A Selk'bag At The Cool Summer Festival Mt Hotham, Victoria, Australia, In 2011

Selk'bags In A Polish Airport, Strange But True!

Selk'bag At Lollapalooza Chile!